Plasmatreat GmbH Türkiye

Türkiye is a strategic hub for the Middle East and Central Asia markets. Leveraging this advantageous location, we utilize Türkiye's geographical position to provide sales and technical services to our existing and potential customers in Türkiye, as well as throughout the Middle East and Central Asia region, using our environmentally friendly surface pretreatment technology.

Our Istanbul office has a spacious plasma laboratory equipped with a variety of blasting systems. This allows us to perform tests on samples provided by customers to assess their adhesion properties or suitability for receiving prints or coatings.

Given the significant industrial development in Türkiye, our investment in the Istanbul office is of paramount importance. This strategic move will allow us to rapidly expand our sales and serve as a solutions partner to OEMs by collaborating on mutually beneficial projects in bonding, painting and printing applications.

Our team thrives on creating innovative plasma solutions and applications that span industries. Our ideas and technology bring to life the intricate design of a cigarette pack, the precision of a dental implant, the functionality of a diaper, and the sustainability of wind turbine blades. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering solutions that make a difference.

- Mr. Hakan Sagkal, General Manager at Plasmatreat GmbH Türkiye


Your support options:

  • Support with application development
  • Technical and/or procedural development
  • Lab testing
  • Rental systems
  • Spare parts, service and technical support
  • Customer training program / operational training
  • Sales / technical sales
  • Cooperation with local universities and institutes
  • Maintenance of the systems

We provide best support in the region

At Plasmatreat GmbH Türkiye, we are committed to assisting Turkish companies across a range of industries in exploring and integrating plasma technology into their processes. This includes sectors such as automotive, e-mobility, appliances, and white goods. The contact person at our customers for product development and manufacturing process benefiting from our expertise, experience, and technology.

In recent years, Plasmatreat GmbH Türkiye has established a dynamic network of contact persons, customers, and partners focused on advancing surface treatment technologies. Our team of technology and innovation experts brings diverse skills and knowledge to the table, consistently generating fresh ideas. Through events like the Plasmatreat Academy, we provide a platform for collaboration within our partner network.

We invite you to join us at networking events where you can gain inspiration, engage with peers, and find support for current challenges or upcoming innovation projects.

Our customer-centric approach ensures that we work closely with each client to identify the most effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Satisfied Customers in Türkiye

Plasma activation plastic pins

Improving the bond strength of plastic-glass joints in gas stoves.

Openair-Plasma® technology replaces primer and achieves long-term stable plastic-glass joints at Mamur.
Plasma cleaning ovendoor

Improved production with the atmospheric plasma technology.

Ultra-fine cleaning and activation enables environmentally friendly production process at Arcelik.

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