Openair-Plasma® Jets – specific systems for different requirements

The plasma jets directed onto the material are used to generate and spread the plasma (cold plasma is generated). The plasma is generated inside the jet by a high voltage between a stator and a rotor and is blown out through the jet head using working gas. With its patented jet systems, Plasmatreat has developed extremely robust, highly effective tools for industrial surface treatment. Both single jets and rotating plasma systems are available as plasma sources. 

Single jets have a relatively small outlet angle and are therefore better suited for the treatment of narrow profiles. Rotating plasma systems, which distribute the pretreatment effect evenly onto over the larger work width as a result of the rotation principle, are better suited for wider processing surfaces.

PFW10 and PFW20 Static Jets

Pretreatment with the Openair-Plasma® Jet PFW10 or PFW20 is done with very high contour accuracy and is potential-free (no transfer of voltage to the material).

RD1004 Rotary Jet

RD1004 Rotary Jet: cold plasma – Ultrafine cleaning and plasma activation with low heat input

RD2004 Rotary Jet

The RD2004 plasma jet boasts a compact design suited for diverse applications of Openair-Plasma® technology.

RD2005 Rotary Jet

The RD2005 plasma jet is a double jet system comprising two separate plasma jets which rotate in unison around the rotary axis to give a particularly intensive and uniform treatment.

RD1010 Rotary Jet

The Openair-Plasma® system RD1010 is especially suited for sensitive and geometrically flat surfaces.

PFW70 and PFW 100 Static Plasma Jets

The static PFW70 and PFW100 plasma jets are particularly suitable for components with a large surface area which require intensive and homogenous treatment.


Openair-Plasma® in industrial processes:

  • Quality: The process achieves a 100% cleaning or activation effect of the complete material structure.
  • Efficiency: Components can be treated selectively and directly processed. In this context, plasma pretreatment opens up large process windows during further processing.
  • Automatization: The fully automated inline systems, which produce high-quality results, can be easily integrated into existing production lines. This streamlines production processes, which leads to a cost reduction.
  • Environmentally friendly: Openair-Plasma® makes production more ecological, because the use of environmentally harmful chemicals (primers) can be completely eliminated in processes such as bonding. If renewable sources of energy are used, the whole process can take place with zero CO2 emissions.
  • Reproducibility: Modern production monitoring tools ensure well-coordinated and highly-precise surface treatment with precise handling of modules and components, including measures that achieve the most efficient cycle rates.
Company News

Plasmatreat is launching no less than three new plasma nozzles that expand its large product portfolio to include these special applications.

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