Plasma for Textile Manufacturing

Openair-Plasma® pretreatment significantly improves the wettability of fibers and yarns, allowing even solvent-free dyes to bond well and durably. Surfaces can be provided with hydrophobic and dirt-repellent finishes. Openair-Plasma® jets can keep pace with the tough demands of new high-performance spinning equipment. Aurora Plasma pre-treatment significantly improves the wettability and thus the bonding of reinforcing fabrics.

Durable colors, functional surfaces, high-speed treatment: plasma in textile manufacturing

Yarn finishing – durable, stable colorfastness thanks to physical surface modification.

In fiber and yarn technology, the focus is on the first step of the textile production chain. Modern textiles demand durable, stable colorfastness while simultaneously reducing the use of solvents...

Fabrics/technical nonwovens – material activation and functionalization with plasma treatment

Plasma treatment hydrophilizes fabrics and technical nonwovens and facilitates wettability with water-based processing materials in subsequent steps, such as dyeing, printing, or textile finishing...

Functionalized fabrics – added value with plasma coating

Fabric can acquire entirely new material qualities by creating new functionalities, like self-cleaning finishes, bioactive surfaces, and flame-retardant properties, for example...

Plasma pre-treatment of reinforcing fabrics, aramid fabrics

Aramid webs are technical fabrics which are used amongst other areas in the provision of high-performance tires, shot-blasting, heat-resistant textiles or for reinforcing components.