Openair-Plasma® Systems – Efficient, uncomplicated inline pretreatment for almost any process

Pretreatment with Openair-Plasma® is suitable for all applications where special surface qualities are critical for subsequent processing. Openair-Plasma® atmospheric pressure plasma technology makes possible efficient, economical inline processes and customized design of overall production.

Plasma System for inline Oxide Reduction

The REDOX-Tool offers a state-of-the-art inline oxide reduction process using Openair-Plasma® technology, setting a new standard for efficiency and quality in semiconductors and IGBT production...

Plasma film systems – Potential-free pretreatment of aluminum foil and plastic films

Openair-Plasma® technology is equally suitable for partial and for large-area plasma pretreatment of film and foils.

Plasma systems for coil coating processes – Plasma cleaning without chemicals or waste water

One example of the great efficiency of Openair-Plasma® activation is the production of pre-coated sheet metal (coil coating).

Plasma systems for reliable bonding of light-weight panels

Openair-Plasma® inline systems are responsible for a breakthrough in the cost-effective manufacture of bonded panels.

Plasmatreat laboratory systems to customize surfaces of plastic, glass or metal

With plasma laboratory systems, pretreatment parameters can be determined for ultrafine cleaning, plasma activation, and nano-coating for a wide range of industrial applications.

Plasma systems for pretreating profiles made of plastic, aluminum and EPDM

Openair-Plasma® technology is a leading procedure for pretreating profiles and molded parts made of plastic, aluminum, and EPDM.

Plasma robot systems – Complete automation with perfect inline integration

Robot systems equipped with Openair-Plasma® ensure the greatest precision, even with complex applications.

Plasma technology testing – Openair-Plasma® test systems

We offer our customers an opportunity to form your own opinions about our Openair-Plasma® systems, under real conditions, directly in your own production facilities, without any commitment and economically as well.

System configuration with PCU

The compact generator benefits from a high level of availability and long maintenance intervals (depending on ambient conditions). The user-friendly touchscreen control panel is designed for ease of operation.

The graphic monitor clearly displays information regarding the generator, the plasma jets as well maintenance schedules.

Frank Nitschke

Technical Consulting, Tampoprint AG

The Openair-Plasma® system has been running for years in three-shift operation to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

- Frank Nitschke, Technical Consulting, Tampoprint AG

You want to test our products for your material?

Give it a try: Our experienced application engineers are looking forward working with you to find the best solution for your use case. In our well-equipped laboratories, together we will pre-treat your individual parts with our plasma technology and analyse the results.