PFW70 and PFW100 - linear plasma intensity across wide treatment width

The plasma jets PFW 70 and PFW 100 are particularly suitable for applications which require an intensive and homogenous treatment. The combination of chemical and physical actions make the treatment highly effective. It removes absorbed hydrocarbons and at the same time increases surface wettability by activating regions close to the surface and generating organic compounds (functional groups). The plasma jets are mainly used for pretreating planar components and surfaces when a high process speed and large treatment width are simultaneously required.

Static PFW70 and PFW100 Plasma Jets

The PFW70 and the PFW100 operate at speeds of up to 200 m/min relative to the surface, with each jet ensuring the uniform pretreatment. Furthermore, the treatment width can be flexibly adjusted thanks to the modular arrangement of the jets. With only minimal thermal impact, the plasma jet is particularly suitable for the pretreatment of heat-sensitive materials such as foils and synthetic fleeces (nonwovens).

PFW70 and PFW100 have large treatment width with high process speed

These static plasma jets are designed for pretreating large treatment widths of 70 or 100 mm per jet with linear plasma intensity. Surfaces are treated by an Openair-Plasma® beam which is potential-free at the nozzle outlet. The plasma generated inside the jet by high-voltage discharge is transported to the surface to be treated in a flow of gas.

Typical applications

  • Pretreatment of plastics before printing
  • Pretreatment of metal and plastic films before printing
  • Pretreatment of textile products such as synthetic nonwovens
  • Cleaning and activation of large glass surfaces