AntiCorr® coating technology – Selective corrosion protection for metals

AntiCorr® is an anticorrosion coating which is applied to various metals in the atmospheric pressure plasma.
The coating is part of a range of coatings that can be incorporated into the PlasmaPlus® system.



An organosilicon compound is added to the plasma as the starting material for an AntiCorr® coating. High-energy excitation within the plasma fragments this compound and deposits it on the surface in the form of a vitreous coating. The chemical composition of the AntiCorr® coating can be varied according to the application to ensure that optimum results are obtained for any given material. The AntiCorr® coating is comparable with a low-pressure plasma coating in qualitative terms. 

The decisive advantage of the AntiCorr® coating is the selective treatment with which only the desired parts of the component are treated instead of treating it completely and in places that are not necessary.

To demonstrate its effectiveness, an AntiCorr® coating was applied to AlSi12 (Fe), an aluminum die-casting alloy typi- cally used in the automotive industry. The test specimens were subject to a 720-hour test cycle under the salt-spray test conditions stipulated in DIN ISO 9227. 




  • corrosion-inhibiting
  • suitable for solid and liquid gaskets (FIPG)
  • suitable for in-line use
  • no intermediate storage necessary
  • versatile
  • affordable
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • transparent
  • resistant

Discover the revolutionary speed of testing with Plasmatreat's AntiCorr® Test Fluids

Basis for this measurement method is the reduction of copper ions in the copper sulphate solution with simultaneous oxidation of the metal surface.
A drop of this solution is applied on to the surface to be tested. Subsequently the exact time until the first visible electro-chemical (formation of gas bubbles) reaction is measured.
After examination, dark red (copper) to black (ferrite) changes of color are apparent on porous points of the protective layer.
Within seconds, visible results emerge, offering a rapid and reliable indication of the coating's success against corrosion. This cutting-edge approach transforms the assessment process, providing efficiency without compromising accuracy.

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