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With a subsidiary, founded in September 2009, located in Istanbul, we are committed to being close to our customers in the Turkish market. Expanding our network is really important for us to offer our customers a direct contact speaking their local language and being familiar with cultural conditions.

As a family-owned company with subsidiaries and partners around the world, we are happy to a bring our key technology for surface treatment - atmospheric pressure plasma (Openair-Plasma® and PlasmaPlus®) and low-pressure plasma Aurora - into the markets and industries. With this technology, micro-fine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating of various materials is possible before subsequent processes like bonding, painting, printing or gasketing will be done. Moreover, research and innovation belonging to the core of our daily business, as we continually strive to develop new and creative solutions to meet our customers' challenges.

Plasmatreat offers a wide range of plasma systems and equipment to modify surface characteristics in many industries.

We would like to provide our customers with innovative solutions and exceptional service. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or to learn more about how Plasmatreat can support you with a solution for your surface treatment challenges.

But what exactly is plasma?

Exciting plasma applications for the Turkish market:

Automotive Industry

Whether headlamps, EPDM profiles, interior or exterior parts - there are countless applications for Openair-Plasma® in the automotive...

Appliance / White Good Industry

Plasma can be used to achieve durable bonds and long-lasting end products in the consumer good industries...

Emobility Industry

Openair-Plasma® activation, combined with a PlasmaPlus® functional coating, offers industry a unique process, with outstanding results for improving drive and storage systems...

More Industry Solutions

From automotive engineering, transportation, electronics and packaging to consumer goods, life sciences, textiles and renewable energies – we provide cross-sector advice...

Service and sales competence in Türkiye

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Where ever you are, and where ever your plasma system is located, we speak the language of our customers and are available for you and your needs.

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Plasmatreat local team in Türkiye

We are happy to have our local team on-site to support the local customers and serve the Turkish market since so many years.

Started with only one colleague, Plasmatreat GmbH Türkiye is now a team, which cover the important areas of sales, service and administrative.

Learn more about the local team and get in touch with your contact persons.

Get to know the local team

Mr. Baris Oz

Mamur Teknoloji - Customer of Plasmatreat GmbH Türkiye

Compared to conventional pretreatment methods, plasma offers a number of advantages, such as high quality surface treatment, simple and fast application, cost-efficient production, and process reliability. Plasma is also clearly ahead in terms of environmental friendliness. It is a clean technology, thanks to which we can dispense with the use of hazardous and environmentally harmful chemicals,

- Mr. Baris Oz, Mamur Teknoloji - Customer of Plasmatreat GmbH Türkiye

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