Seminars, Training Courses and Events: Gateway to Mastering Plasma Technology

At the Plasmatreat Academy our aim is to actively help shape the future of plasma technology by engaging with our customers, scientists and other interested parties. Our training opportunities are broadly based: You can find basic seminars alongside units aimed at specific customer questions, application training and conferences with distinguished speakers.
Our offerings are designed to benefit novice, experienced and specialist participants alike.

Upcoming Events

Currently no events available.


The Plasmatreat Academy's webinar program proved very popular right from the start. Our first PlasmaTalks alone attracted up to 250 users. The interactive webinars are ideal for those who want to learn more about Plasmatreat and plasma technology and broaden their knowledge conveniently without having to travel. All our content is available to download worldwide and scheduled for at least two time zones.

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Our seminars are designed to impart knowledge and create opportunities for lively discussions. We want to learn from each other – and from a wide variety of experts from science and industry who work in partnership with our Academy.

Training Courses & Workshops

Practical expertise lies at the heart of all our training courses and workshops. When it comes to our technical application and service training courses, we take a flexible approach.They can be held in our Steinhagen Technology Center, in our subsidiaries or at your company.

Customer Events

We often find that a specific problem leads to new understandings. At our customer-specific events, we explore your particular issues – and see them as a starting point for making progress together. We look forward to hearing about your problems and suggestions!


We use our conference events to explore fundamental and current themes in plasma technology on a larger scale. You can expect fascinating panel discussions, talks given by a changing cast of leading experts and insights into the latest trends and developments.