Put Openair-Plasma® to the test: Plasmatreat plasma systems to rent

We offer our customers the option of testing our Openair-Plasma® surface technology, with no commitment and very little expense, under the real conditions you face, directly in your own production facilities!

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How does renting a plasma system work?

If you are interested in testing plasma treatment in your production or laboratory, we are happy to help. We can make our plasma test systems available to you on loan. Firstly, we evaluate the situation/application you have in your production and what your requirements are. Our experienced Plasmatreat specialists will support you in putting your requirements and our opportunities to the best result to solve your unique challenges. We will work with you to evaluate the parameters required for your process, using either your test equipment and/or in the Plasmatreat laboratory.

Plasmatreat has a large pool of systems worldwide for this purpose, at very reasonable terms. These include plasma test and rental systems with single and multiple nozzle configurations. We do have single system only with nozzle, generator and PCU including transformer or of course fully equipped plasma systems (PTU - Plasma Treatment Unit).

Examples how a plasma system could look like:

Single plasma system

Generally a plasma system contains of a generator, a PCU (Plasma Control Unit including the transformer) and a nozzle. Plasmatreat has various sizes of generators available and, of course, various nozzles and nozzle heads for the different applications and pretreatment requirement at the customer's site.

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Fully equipped plasma treatment unit

Beneath single system with generator, PCU and plasma nozzle Plasmatreat offers for its customer for test and trial as well as fully equipped PTUs (Plasma Treatment Units). These units can be used for efficient, uncomplicated pretreatment for almost any process. Small, medium and large multi-axis robots within the production cell can be used to transport the components or to move the plasma nozzle around a static assembly. The parts feeding can also be realized optionally via an integrated conveyor belt or a turntable.

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of a rental system from Plasmatreat

  • Test the right plasma system for your production needs/requirements
  • Loan system to bridge the time gap until delivery
  • Rental for plasma treatment and production of small batches