Regenerative forms of energy and saving energy– atmospheric plasma as a key technology

Climate change, resources that become more and more scarce, and a new environmental consciousness are central issues of our time. We are standing at the threshold of a new energy era. The goals are:

  • Increasing performance and reducing production costs per kWh
    of renewable energy technologies like solar technology and wind power systems
  • Storage of energy in high-efficiency gas accumulators and battery systems
  • Introduction of new drive motors for automobiles
  • Energy-saving construction and effective insulation in home and industrial construction
  • New, more efficient processes in all areas of industrial production

Openair-Plasma® treatment and the PlasmaPlus® process make new technological developments possible in all of these areas.

Better performance and long-term efficiency of solar energy systems

The solar modules, collectors, and technology installed in solar energy systems are exposed to weathering around the clock. That means these elements must be protected especially against environmental influences – like humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Solar Technology

Plasma treatment of giant wind power rotors

The technology required for manufacturing and constructing a wind power system is similar in many ways to that of aircraft construction. The cross section and the mechanical stability, as well as the air flow around the blade profile...

Wind Power

More efficient with atmospheric pressure plasma: energy-saving manufacturing processes

Energy that is not used does not have to be generated! Plasma technology contributes to completely replacing outmoded, energy-hungry manufacturing processes with new processes.

Energy Efficiency

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